What if we would like to have more than a total of 12 guests?

In order to preserve the intimacy of our guest's experience and interaction with Alice and The Mad Hatter, the ideal maximum amount of children able to attend each party is 24.   Our preferred package is for 12 children, and each additional child is $30.00 up to maximum of 24 children.  If you have a celebration that requires more than 24 guests, please don't hesitate to call us.  We have solutions and options that can make most events possible.

I don't need food, or invites, or candy, or Alice and Hatter...can I just rent your decor/props? That's all I really need.

Alice's Traveling Tea Party does not rent out decor only.  We only have one setup and we need it available for our parties at all times. We book up fast every month so there is no downtime where we would be able to rent out our decor.

Do you rent out Alice and Mad Hatter? We are having a party and just need characters.

Because we do the entire party from start to finish, we need to have all our on-staff actors available for our parties. If we rent them out and then we book a date, we don't have them available to do our party. Though we have multiple Alices and Hatters, someone may get a film shoot, become ill, need to switch with another actor, etc. Therefore we need them all available for our parties and are unable to rent them out.

I need a party in 3 days. If you are available, are you able to come?

Because some of our favors and cookies are handmade by us, and due to order time for sandwiches and cupcakes, we cannot do a party with any less than a week’s notice. If the party would be at a park location, more often than not, permits are needed and can’t be obtained with any less than two weeks notice due to park regulations. Because each park is different, please contact us and we can figure out if we can get a permit in time.

If I eliminate some items from the package, does it affect the cost at all?

Because we require 4-5 employees to set up and tear down as well as 2 actors, the bulk of our package price goes toward payroll for those employees. Eliminating items from the package therefore does not change the price of the package much as we still need that many employees on hand. If  you would like to go over specifics, please give us a call at 818-620-5952. 

What areas do you service and what if I live outside that area?

Our home location is zip code 91335, so our main service area is any location within 25 miles from that zip code.  IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN IF YOU FALL WITHIN THIS AREA, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL AT 818-620-5952.   If you are outside our main service area, please contact us to see if we are able to travel to your location. We may be able to arrange traveling to your location for a fee depending on our schedules, other parties booked, availability of the staff to travel, etc. Anything over 25 miles is $10 per mile over so we may pay our staff's overtime and gas to travel. Sorry, we are unable to accommodate parties that would require traveling more than 2 hours in each direction.

Are there certain locations where you will not hold parties?

Because safety for our guests and staff is of the utmost importance, we reserve the right to exclude any location which may be deemed by us as a safety risk. Also, each park, country club, etc has different requirements or regulations which may or may not allow us to set up on their grounds.

I would like my party to be later in the day, more like early evening. Is that possible?

That will depend on what time of year it is and what sunset time is that day. All of our parties must conclude 3.5 hours before sunset time on your party date. Because it takes us a great deal of time to tear down and repack our 12-foot trailer, and for the safety of our employees, we need to complete teardown before it becomes dark outside.

I need a party on a weekday. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, due to insane amounts of traffic in Los Angeles during the week, we only operate on the weekends. Also, our professional actors are auditioning and working during the week, which leaves them unavailable for parties. 

I would like our party on a holiday weekend. Is that something you can do?

Typically we do not book parties on holiday weekends, simply for the fact that clients are afraid many of their guests will be out of town and don’t want to risk low turnout. If you have checked with your guests already and are happy with the amount that can come, call us. We can check and make sure we have enough staff available to work (since we don’t typically work near the holidays, many employees make plans well in advance) and if so, we can definitely make the party happen.

Can I just pick the time of the party and the park location on my own and let you know what they are? 

Unfortunately, no. Because we have to arrive 4 hours before party time to start setting up, we need to be involved in the determination of the party time. Also, we have a great deal of experience with what times work best in what areas for that particular time of year. As for park locations, we have gone through the process of calling many of the parks in certain cities and know the particular requirements each has. Some parks or cities may not allow us to set up a canopy, or may only allow a certain number of guests without a permit, have strict insurance requirements or setup/teardown times, etc. Once you have an idea of what park you would like to use or which particular city, we can reach out to their staff and find out whether we can use the location or not. Dealing with parks can be tedious, so we are more than happy to handle it for you! We also have a list of preferred parks that we have used often and are super easy to book or set up in.  

I need the party to be set up all day at my house, not just for 2 hours. Is that possible?

Due to the nature of our decor and the time involved setting up and tearing down, we are unable to leave our setup anywhere (attended or unattended) all day for a party. We need 4 hours to set up, 2 hours to have the party, and 2-2.5 hours to tear down. If you need a slightly longer party, such as 2.5 or 3 hours please call us and we may be able to work something out for a fee. But honestly, most parents and children are well done in 2 hours and don’t require any additional time. Should you decide you would like guests to stay longer after the party to swim or hang out, please just know that we will need to be tearing down while guests are still there. We need to keep our days as close to 8 hours as possible.

I am worried all of the guests will be late. What happens if no one has arrived yet at party time? 

It is unfortunately super common for guests to be late. Traffic in Los Angeles is tricky at best, plus let’s face it, wrangling kids up to leave the house can be a major chore. We typically start about 15 mins late if necessary, depending on how many people have shown up, and we still go about 2 hours, give or take. If we need to wait longer, the party time will be shortened accordingly in a very non-obvious manner so that the party does not feel hurried. If you know your guests are the chronically late variety (we’ve all got them!), we know some tricks to help ease your worries and help keep the party on track. Please give us a call at 818-620-5952 and we can walk you through it.

Do you offer healthier options?  How about gluten-free or specific allergies?

We do offer an assortment of healthier options which can be used to substitute or add on to our normal offerings at any time.  There is a $50 charge of up to 15 kids, $75 for headcount more than 15 kids due to the cost & seasonality of fruit, special cups, labor, etc.  Such substitutions must be noted and discussed at time of booking. We also do offer gluten-free baked goods, and we can also accommodate almost any specific allergy your child or guest may have. Please let us know of such requirements at time of booking.

How much would it cost to add on more party favors/candy/etc? 

Your package with Alice's Traveling Tea Party already includes numerous favors and sweets for guests to take home.  If there is a particular item or candy you would like in addition, please contact us via phone or email.  We would be happy to work out a quote for you.  Or feel free to pick up whatever favors you would like to get, and we can add them to our sweets buffet and favor bags.

Am I guaranteed a certain Alice or Mad Hatter at my child’s party?

You can definitely request a particular Alice or Hatter, however, there are no guarantees. Because we have professional actors on staff, they may get cast in a film or show at the last minute and suddenly no longer be available or they may become ill and be unable to perform. All of our actors are amazing though (we are extremely particular!) and any one of them would do a wonderful job at your party. Also, if you have been to one of our parties for another child, please let us know. We will do our best to schedule the same Alice and Hatter so the child doesn't wonder why they don't look the same. They can be very observant!

Do we tip Alice and The Mad Hatter and/or the staff?

Gratuity is not required or expected, but would be greatly appreciated should you wish to give it. 

Are your tea parties just for girls?

Not at all! We welcome both girls and boys. Since we have an 8-year-old son of our own, we are very tuned into making sure our parties do not feel one-sided, unless requested (ex. all girl party).  We want EVERYONE to have a great time.

What age range is best for the party?

We recommend ages 1-10 for our parties, but we can accommodate any age - you know your child and guests the best! 

What if I would like a Sweet Sixteen, graduation, or adult tea party for weddings, baby showers, etc?

Even though we are a children's tea party service, we are able to gear our parties towards almost any event, from Sweet Sixteens to a fun afternoon with your adult friends.  We can make it happen and make it memorable. Because adults will require more food and different options as well as different favors, pricing will be different for an adult party and is charged by the person, similar to our children's parties. Please call us at 818-620-5952 and we can work out a quote for you.

How far in advance can I book my child's party?

Book early to guarantee your party date and time- slots fill up fast, even a year out! Please remember a $800 deposit is needed to hold your date and is NON-refundable.

What do I do to reserve the date and time for my child's party?

Reserving a date and time is EASY!  Simply give us a call at 818-620-5952, or click HERE to fill out our web form and we will contact you with in 24 hours.  Please keep in mind your date and time is not guaranteed until we have received your deposit.  Click HERE to read more about our booking process.

What if it rains or is too windy the day of your party?

If the weather isn't cooperating on the day of the party, we have a few options.  1st - If the party is being done at your home, we can still create and AMAZING wonderland experience inside your home (provided there is enough room); we come prepared and can switch gears if needed. 2nd- If you party is between January and May, a make-up date can be chosen in case of poor weather. This date will be placed on your invitation as "Rain Date".  Either option must be chosen at time of signing contract. For more information please give us a call at (818) 620-5952.

What if my backyard is not big enough to accommodate your party?

If your backyard is not big enough to accommodate our party, no problem!   We can have our parties at most park locations as described HERE.  We have affiliations with multiple parks and can find a park near you if needed.

How long does setup and tear down take?

Due to our size and attention to detail, our setup and tear down takes about 3-4 hours, give or take.  Times can vary based on location and distance the party is from our trailer parking. Parking needs to be close to the actual party site as there is a great deal of furniture and props for our staff to move (a very full 12-foot trailer to be exact). Also we regret that we cannot set up anywhere that is accessible only by stairs or elevator, no exceptions.

Can I provide refreshments and food for the children's parents?

You are more than welcome to provide the parents with any type of refreshments and food you desire. For your convenience, we offer super tasty sandwiches and salad through Taste My Soup (Encino) which we can have delivered to your home or park location along with the children's sandwiches for a nominal fee. The menu can be found on our party package page.

What if it rains / is very cold / or too windy the day of your party?

If the weather isn't cooperating on the day of the party, we have a few options.  1st - If the party is being done at your home, we can still create and AMAZING wonderland experience inside your home, we come prepared and can switch gears if needed. 2nd a make-up date can be chosen in case of poor weather. This date will be placed on your invitation as "Rain Date".  Either option must be chosen at time of signing contract. For more information please give us a call at (818) 620-5952.

What if an emergency comes up the day of the party?

If an emergency comes up the day of the party, we will move the party to the "Rain Date" if previously agreed upon during the initial booking, or we can reschedule the party if the party was to be at your home.  Park locations are trickier as they won't apply your fee to another day. For more info, please give us a call at (818) 620-5952.Are all your employees background checked?

Are all of your employees background checked?

Here at Alice's Traveling Tea Party, our number 1 concern is the safety of your children.  All of our employees are background checked, go through an extensive interview process, and are held to the highest standards.

Do you carry liability insurance?

We are a fully insured company and LLC. 

I am wondering if you can donate a party to our school/church/fundraiser/etc?

Alice’s Traveling Tea Party loves to help out charities when we can. Our first priority is to a wonderful charity near and dear to our hearts- Mending Kids International. We donate a party to their annual auction as well as donate the going away party for the children who just had surgery and are going back home to their families. If you would like more information on Mending Kids, please click HERE. Once we take care of our commitment to Mending Kids, if we are able to donate more parties to other charities, we definitely do so. Please send your charity requests to AlicesTravelingTeaParty@gmail.com. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we may not be able to respond personally to all of them, but we do definitely look over all requests to see if it is something we can do. Also, it is never too early to send a request, even if it’s a year away! We are planners by nature, and the more time we have to prepare, the more possibility we may be able to make something happen.

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