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          We view each of our parties as mini theatrical events designed to make your child’s birthday or unbirthday a most wondrous occasion.  We have spent countless hours over the last year hand-making props, finding just the right whimsical decor, and painstakingly putting together a party beyond a child’s wildest dreams.  Alice’s Traveling Tea Party is anything but ordinary.


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     Not only will your child be happy, but you will be too.  We do everything for you, so you can relax and enjoy your child’s big day as much as they will.  In addition to providing you with food, favors, and our friends, Alice & The Mad Hatter, we want to help preserve your family’s memory of the day for years to come.  We bring our own camera to capture the big moments, the little moments, and the crazy in between moments.  All those photos are provided to you through the cloud service Dropbox.  From there you you can download, print and post anywhere to your hearts content.  

PARTY PRICE $1500 (TAX INCLUDED) + PARK PERMIT FEE ( Fee only applies if having a party at a park that requires a permit)


 (click links to view photo of each item) 

(Healthier options are available upon request, we are very flexible). Additional $50 fee applies for first 12 children, $5 for each additional child.   Some of our healthier options include: Grape Caterpillars and Melon Balls (click on each for photo)

If you would like to have lunch provided for Parents/Adults, see bottom of this page.

Alice & The Mad Hatter, hostess, plus an additional picture snapping hostess

2 hours party time

Package is for 12 total children (including the Guest of Honor), each additional child is $30.00 up to a maximum of 24 children.

Saturday or Sunday party

15 custom printed Alice’s Traveling Tea Party invitations (with envelopes)

15 custom printed Alice’s Traveling Tea Party thank you cards (with envelopes)

Use of 10’ x 20’ custom decorated canopy and character poles/planters

Use of custom mushroom canopy/sweets table with Alice table tutu

Use of tables, chairs, REAL plates and teacups, glassware, silverware, and table linens

28 Tea Sandwiches (cream cheese/jam and sunbutter/jam) Provided by Taste My Soup (Encino, CA)

18 Cupcakes from Frosted Cupcakery ( in our opinion, the BEST cupcakes in the world! )                    www.FrostedCupcakery.com

18 Custom decorated cookies

18 Chocolate filled crescent roll snails with royal icing

Large bowl of colored kettlekorn from Maw n' Paw Kettlekorn

8 varieties of candies (Healthier options available)

Custom-made Pink Lemonade “Tea” bags (cold)

Games/entertainment (such as Croquet, Story Time with Alice, Find the March Hare, Musical Chairs, etc)

12 stamped favor bags with ribbon

1 Girl of Honor will receive an Alice Headband or 1 Boy of Honor will receive a Mad Hatter hat

All photos taken by our photographer/hostess available for download from DROPBOX.

1 -- 11” x 17” unframed sign-in board to be customized with a 5” x 7” group photo (all guests plus Alice & The Mad Hatter)



A set of 3 tart/cake erasers

A set of 3 custom silicone Alice’s Traveling Tea Party wristbands

A custom pinwheel

A custom pixy stix flower

A cello bag filled with a variety candy from sweets table.


We have teamed up with Taste My Soup in Encino CA.  They make the most amazing salads and sandwiches.  If you would like to provide the PARENTS/ADULTS with some tasty lunch, check them out.  If you would like to order food for your guest just let us know and we will arrange the order, pick up the food, and bring it to the Party!  For Alice's Traveling Tea Party customers the cost for a sandwich and side salad is $10.00 a person, WELL WORTH IT! See menu options. 

Note:  Drinks are not included. Due to limited cooler space, we ask clients bring/provide their own beverages.

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