Jessica O. (Yelp 12/16/2014)

Jen and her whole entire staff are absolutely amazing! It was my daughter's 4th birthday, and it couldn't have been better. From the first point of contact until after the event, Jen was super responsive about every party detail. The weather seemed like it wasn't going to be good, and Jen made sure to communicate and reassure me everything was fine. On the day of the party, set up went flawlessly, and the team was accommodating with everything. Once everyone arrived, parents did not have to worry about a thing - Alice and the Mad Hatter took over entertainment. They have everything planned to a T so there are never any moments where the kids aren't doing anything. The parents even had a wonderful time. I would definitely suggest this for any child's birthday! Thank you so much for an amazing day!

Hannah M. (Yelp 11/22/14)

Thank you for a magical day. It was a perfect party. My daughter and all her friends absolutely loved it! You turned our garden into a true Wonderland. We were so impressed by how friendly and professional everyone was. And since I'm 9 months pregnant I could not be more grateful that you took care of every little detail! It allowed us to relax and truly enjoy the day with our daughter. Thank you.

Jocelyn S. (Yelp 10/12/14)

Fantastic!!! We just celebrated my daughters 5th birthday party and it was amazing!! Everyone had the best time, and I'm sure they'll book lots more parties based on ours, because everyone was saying they want the same party for their kids! I have not one negative thing to say. The staff was amazing, the food fantastic, the activities we were fun for the kids and the decorations were beautiful. And the kids could not get enough of Alice and the Mad Hatter, who did not step out of character for even one second! Thank you, Alice's Traveling Tea Party for a perfect birthday party. You far exceeded my expectations!!!

Jill C. (Yelp review 7/23/2014)

We just celebrated our daughters 6th birthday with Alice and her traveling tea party and all I can say is WOW! AMAZING, truly a MAGICAL experience. From the first day of contact to the finished result my expectations were far exceeded. Jen and her staff made my daughters eye's light up with excitement. Not one detail was missed this party is everything a little girl dreams of and more. It has been 4 days and she has not stopped talking about her new friend Alice. Thank you Jen, Alice and of course the Mad Hatter for making this a birthday she will never forget.

CheriE S. (Yelp review 7/23/2014)

An absolutely SPLENDID day for our 16 yr old and her party guests. Everything she hoped for and so much more. Alice's Traveling Tea Party has truly paid attention to every detail possible in their offerings. From the very first phone call we had the comfort and knowledge that things would be handled exactly to our expectations. I am a set stylist and event coordinator and it is very hard for me to 'let go' of arrangements especially for events that are so dear to my heart, I needed someone to perform their duties and provide a perfect turn key event that would meet my personal vision without me lifting a finger.  ATTP did just that, they didn't need any hand holding - they did it all with fabulous smiles on their faces and every moment filled with spectacular memories.

Thank you so very much for a day that will be in our memories and hearts forEVER.

Inger D. (Yelp review 7/22/2014)

If you've never seen a dream in person, this is your chance. ~

Alice's Traveling Tea Party is truly magical experience.

We held a birthday party for our 5 year old Granddaughter. 

She was quite shy at first - but soon she, Alice and the Hatter became fast friends and she never stopped smiling. In fact, she said she wanted to "live there." 

The decor is stunning.  If you are in awe by the photos online, just wait until you see it in person. It's breathtaking and caused quite a few people to stop with their mouths agape.  

The Lunch/Tea.  Seriously, some of the offerings are almost too cute to eat.  The snail cookies, the grape caterpillars, the rainbow popcorn, the girls enjoyed it all. The use of real, gorgeous tea cups and dishes - a little girl's heaven.  So precious to watch them learn to drink tea from Alice - with their pinkies out paying close attention. Then you've not even made it to the cupcakes or candy.  Impeccable. 

The staff - amazing.  You turn, they are there - assisting you, assisting your guests and so attentive to all the children.   You as a host have to do nothing but enjoy.

Alice was truly lovely.  She was strikingly pretty and fantastic with the all children. Especially the birthday girl. They were totally enchanted by her.  

The Hatter.  Oh my gosh, hilarious and engaging.  Nothing over the top - just the perfect amount of funny.  We all loved him. 

Together - they played off each other beautifully.  It cannot be entirely choreographed because there is no way to know what each girl would do or ask.  And they never missed a beat.  Wonderful answers and interaction throughout.

And then there's Jen. She is a true super-star. She handles it all and kept in constant contact with me ensuring every i was dotted and t crossed.  Seriously, she was gem to work with.  So helpful, so patient with my questions and she provided everything as promised.  My only wish is she'll come up with an added girl's theme so I could book another event.  You can leave your worries behind and know you'll receive outstanding customer service and a day of wonder.   

I wouldn't hesitate to book this event - and if you're an Alice fan, my gosh, you should do it now.  From beginning to end - it's brilliant. ~

Trish P. (Yelp review 5/4/2014)

PHENOMENAL! This was the most incredible party I've ever hosted, or attended! First class service, and the attention to detail was second to none. My daughter, her friends and their parents were all in awe of the transformation from backyard to Wonderland, not to mention singing, games and stories with a hilarious Mad Hatter and gorgeously sweet Alice. The cakes, candy, décor...our expectations were exceeded. We're already talking about booking their Pirate Party for next year! Thank you for creating such a special birthday experience for us."

Claudia P. (Facebook review 4/20/2014)

We could not be more happy with Claudia's birthday party! The decor was perfect, your team was professional and courteous, and Alice and the Mad Hatter were perfect at entertaining the children!  I have recommended you to all my friends! Thank you again for such a great party!

Sandra G. (yelp review 3/20/2014)

Thank you Alice's Traveling Tea Party for a fabulous party.
My daughter absolutely loved  her 10th  birthday party and her friends
Had a blast. I loved the full service set up and clean up and didn't
Have to do a thing!!!
I highly recommend Alice's Traveling tea Party!
The staff is professional, friendly and on time.
Thanks again for an unforgettable afternoon!
I can't wait for The pirate party!

Christina K. (yelp review 1/30/2014)

So much fun! We just celebrated our daughters 1st birthday with the traveling tea party. Everyone enjoyed all the fun. The decor is unbelievable they have it all! Alice and the mad hatter are great- the kids really enjoyed them and had so much fun. The staff is amazing and very thorough. We had so much fun it's definitely an amazing birthday experience

Hadley R. ( yelp review 12/16/2013)

This is simply the most fantastic children's birthday party you will ever host or attend. The professionalism and perfection with which it is executed is beyond wildest expectation.  The copious decor, food and characters are so superlative they are worthy of a movie set.  "Alice's Traveling Tea Party" is a first rate and absolutely enchanting start to finish.

Lucienne S. (yelp review 10/4/2013) 


We just celebrated my daughter Camille's 11th birthday with the amazing Alice's Traveling Tea Party and what a success it was!  The whole team was so professional, organized, polite, on time and I didn't have to do one thing.  They worked so hard and it showed, the party was just like in the movie! every detail was thought out, the china, the costumes, the games, the cupcakes, I can go on and on. I am a huge fan and if you're looking for something very special for your loved one, well this is it, you won't regret it.


Donna F. (yelp review 6/13/2013) 

I recently attended a 6yr. old birthday party with ATTP and it was fantastic! Every detail was attended to, mostly parents would notice that.  What truly amazed me was that the children were totally engaged the entire time.  Both boys and girls enjoyed it equally. I would highly recommend this party for someone looking for a turn key event  and something unusual.

L.C. (yelp review 6/11/2013) 

This birthday party company is just incredible! Our experience for my daughter's birthday party was an absolute treat from start to finish! The details in the decor are so amazing and beautiful, and the party is so well organized! The Alice and Mad Hatter characters lead the kids through the party with great ease and enthusiasm, and they are very funny, the kids just loved them! There are games for the kids to play that both boys and girls would love, there is lunch provided, and an incredible sweets table for the kids to enjoy throughout the party and take favors home with them at the end. And the birthday cupcakes are from the Frosted Cupcakery in Hollywood, and if you've never had them before, let me tell you they are the most amazing cupcakes ever! Basically the kids are treated like royalty throughout the whole party with excellent service and attention given to them, they're even given waters to go with their "tea" and food since the party is outdoors to keep them hydrated, and oh even the parents who stay for the party are provided a tent for shade and water in the heat! Everyone was just so impressed by the whole thing. I can't say enough good things about these guys, but I really appreciated the extra care in all the little details of this very special and fun party! You can check out how beautiful everything is in the photos on their website! Thanks you guys, 5 stars is not enough!!!!! :D

Ella M. ( yelp review 6/9/2013) 

So I recently hired Alice's Traveling Tea Party for my little boys 7th birthday party.  Let me tell you, it was AWESOME!  I had some hesitation about having them for a boys party, but they convinced me that their party's were for both boys and girls.  The Mad Hatter did such a great job bringing in the boy side of the party and Alice was amazing as well.  Alice and The Mad Hatter are as advertised, real actors and singer and they did not disappoint.  The games like croquet, the queens bean bag toss, and I'm Late, I'm Late potato sack race were so thought out.  The detail of props, the level of food ( Let me tell you, i ate my sons favor cupcake he got to take home, to die for!), and the sweets buffet where great.  One of the reasons I decided to go with Alice's Traveling Tea Party was the "All Inclusive" aspect of their service.  They literally take care of everything.  Invitations, food, favors, characters, games, sweets buffet, thank you cards, and the all important Photographer made it so I could enjoy the time watching him have fun and allowing me to spend time with the parents. All though I haven't received my sons photo memory book yet (party was last weekend), I was able to see a sample at the party.  It was so cute, and had a photo CD on the inside with all the party photos.  I am also waiting for a the individual guest photos with Alice and The Mad Hatter so I can send to the guests to go along with the thank you cards.  I mean they have thought of everything!  And last but not least, even though they don't provide food really for the parents.  They do provide a canopy, chairs and  cold water so the parents an stay out of the sun and relax, chat and be able to watch the kids in comfort.  I have recommended Alice's Traveling Tea Party to all my friends and parents at his school.  I can't wait till my little girls birthday in October, we have already booked them before the word gets out.

Happy C. ( yelp review 6/9/2013) 

I highly recommend Alice's Traveling Tea Party! My 10 year old and her friends had so much fun. "ATTP" took care of everything from sending the invitations to providing gift bags and everything in between. It was so easy for me. They thought of every detail including taking photos for me and providing an amazing photo memory book. The props were beautiful, the food was delicious, the games were fun, and the Mad Hatter and Alice characters were so entertaining and professional. We had 12 boys and girls ages 4-11 and they all loved it. The whole experience exceeded my expectations in every way.

Jennifer P. ( yelp review 6/4/2013)

I recently attended a party hosted by "Alice's Traveling Tea Party" and I was completely blown away!  From the atmosphere they provided, the intricate details of Wonderland, the characters, the games and the food, it was amazing!  It was so much fun to watch the kids interact with Alice and the Mad Hatter as they were led through tea, croquet and other fun games.  I left the party talking to everyone about it and want to recommend it to all my friends now!  I definitely will be booking them for my daughters next birthday and maybe for one of my unbirthdays too.  :)